Trading involve risks and are not suitable for all investors. Please ensure you fully understand the risk involved.

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Benefits and Risks of Trading CFDs

Table of Contents Quick Glance Benefits of CFDs Risks of CFDs Global Markets access in one platform Loss of Principal Ability to trade both directions of the market Forced Liquidation Trade with Leverage Price Fluctuations Lower Trading Costs Counterparty Risk Benefits of CFDs Trading CFDs have benefits in the following aspects: Global Markets access in […]

Why do we trade CFD?

Table of Contents Why trade CFD A CFD is only binding on the future price of a financial product and does not involve its substantive control. In traditional stock trading, you have to be a shareholder before you can enjoy the rights to rises or declines in stock prices. In CFD trading, however, you can […]

What is a CFD?

Table of Contents What is Contract for Difference (CFD) CFD is a financial derivative instrument that enables traders to trade on financial contracts with margins and leverage. Derivatives are financial investments that are derived from an underlying asset. Traders do not actually trade commodities, but only trade the price of commodities to profit from price […]

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